Accelerate Your Workforce with Device Trade-In

Posted by Gary Cherner on Feb 27, 2020 8:00:00 AM
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Accelerate Device Trade-In

Increasingly, your workforce cannot get their jobs done without mobile devices. Retail workers use mobile devices to check inventory in stores or check out customers at the front desk. Rideshare drivers use apps to track their mileage and get directions. Workers all over the country use their mobile devices to work remotely. Given that so many workers rely on mobile devices for their jobs, shouldn’t they have the best devices available?

Older Phones are Bad News for Responsiveness

Companies need to be aware that with so many workers performing tasks on their phones and tablets, the quality of their work is now directly linked to the quality of their phone or tablet. If their phone has a slower connection or an older processor, then they’re going to turn in their work that much slower. If their phone can’t accept the latest security updates, the data on their devices is going to be that much less secure.

If you want your workers to be at their best when performing work with their mobile apps and devices, it’s best to keep up with a two-year refresh cycle of smartphones when possible. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. How do you modernize your mobile workforce?

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What Do You Lose with an Older Phone?

Older phones lose two things – productivity and security. You can’t upgrade a smartphone with new RAM or a faster CPU, so what you’ve bought is what you’re stuck with. As the years go by, new applications will come out that are designed to work on newer, faster phones. Meanwhile, your workers’ older phones won’t be able to run those apps as well, meaning that they could be slower to respond to critical work issues. In addition, these older phones will be unable to take advantage of advances in network hardware, such as 5G – they’re literally stuck in the past.

Secondly, older phones may not be able to run newer versions of their flagship operating system. This means that they won’t be able to get the latest patches and security upgrades that would let them avoid malware or malicious applications. As it turns out, this is an endemic problem for both Android and iOS devices.

Only 10.4 percent of Android users were running one of the most recent versions of its operating system, 9e, over nine months after it was released. iPhones fare better but still are only at 50%. People running older operating systems are subject to vulnerabilities that have been discovered with fixes available, but not yet downloaded. Some recent security incidents include:

All these vulnerabilities are theoretically, patched, but only if you’re running a version of a smartphone OS that receives regular updates. Otherwise, these incidents prove that if your employees have older devices, they should be upgraded as soon as possible.

Implementing a Sustainable Upgrade Plan

If you have your employees carry a mobile device for business, you should take a good look at how old it is – because if they’re too old, they may contain vulnerabilities that now affect your entire workforce. Maybe you think your budget doesn’t allow for you to purchase new phones or adopt a two-year upgrade cycle. With device trade-in, however, you can defray the cost of new smartphones, allowing your employees to access the security and productivity they need in order to be able to truly work from anywhere.

Additionally, trade-in programs through your carrier, will also ensure that all sensitive data is removed and destroyed on devices. The SIM and memory card are removed and shredded. Most carriers’ programs will issue a data wipe certificate if requested.

If you want to learn more about using trade-in to keep help keep your devices refreshed more economically, contact HYLA Mobile today!

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