Q3 2021 Mobile Trade-In and Upgrade Data Trends Review Blog

Are Contactless Interactions Here To Stay?

Apple iPhone 13: Trade-in Promotions Will Continue To Power The 5G Supercycle

Top 10 Mobile Apps That Promote Sustainability

Q2 2021 Mobile Trade-In and Upgrade Data Trends Review

The Importance of the Secondary Device Market for COVID-19 Recovery

What does the Eco Rating Scheme mean for the smartphone and secondary device markets?

Q1 2021 Mobile Trade-In and Upgrade Data Trends Review

4 Ways to Contribute to a More Sustainable Future

Earth Day: Giving Pre-Owned Devices a New Lease on Life

Reducing e-Waste: The Many Benefits of Extended Mobile Device Lifecycles

Trade-in? Mail-in.

Yes, You Can Still Trade in Your Broken Phone

2020 Mobile Trade-In Data Trends Review

New Year, New Phone? Consumers Can Still Get Great Deals

Designing Bots for Faster Customer Service

Retail for Trade-in Across Carriers, Retailers and OEMs

Driving Mobile Trade-ins Beyond Black Friday and the Holiday Season

The Importance of Trade-ins to the Apple 12 Launch

Q3 2020 Mobile Trade-In Data

Adding Automated Diagnostics to the Smartphone Grading Process

Smart(er) Phone Protection for Pre-owned Devices

Insights from the 2020 MIT CDOIQ Conference

Q2 2020 Mobile Trade-In Data: Holding Strong in the Secondary Market

Will Apple delay the launch of its 5G iPhones?

3 Ways Carriers Can Convince Customers to Trade Their Phones

How do You Sell Device Upgrades During an Economic Downturn

How phone store closures are impacting trade-ins

Telecom Carrier Stores are Beginning to Reopen – Now What?

How Long Can a Smartphone Really Last?

Encouraging Online Device Sales (Because That’s the Only Game in Town)

Essential Tips for Identifying Smartphone Damage

Pre-owned Device Values Stay Strong Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

This Earth Day, Save the Planet While Staying at Home

Small Company Strong

Keeping Your Phone Clean and Sanitized the Practical Way

The impact of coronavirus on the pre-owned device market

Protecting Data Privacy during Device Trade-Ins

Making the leap to 5G

Accelerate Your Workforce with Device Trade-In

2019 Year in Review: Consistent Growth for the Trade-In Market

4 Ways to Grow Mobile Retail Sales

CES 2020 Preview: Getting to the Core of 5G Hype

Mobile Devices: The Holiday Gifts That Keep on Giving

On a Budget? Here’s How to Upgrade Your Mobile Device

How is Gen Z Affecting the Mobile Market?

Q3 2019 Mobile Trade-In Data: Trade-In values continue their upward climb

Breaking down barriers to mobile services in Africa

Why Device Protection Should be a Win-Win for You and Consumers

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (for Carriers, Retailers & OEMs)

Eat, sleep, recycle, repeat

How 5G devices are changing the game

Behind the Scenes Integration: The Secret to Better Trade-In Experiences

Q2 2019 Mobile Trade-In Data: The Current State of the Secondary Market

Beyond Device Data: Maximizing Trade-In Programs with Business Insights

Another bite of the Apple?

What could the US/China trade-war mean for the secondary device market?

How can the telecoms industry prevent device fraud?

How can we encourage customers to buy a new device?

How Trade-In Experiences Can Boost Satisfaction Scores

Two Ways to Apply Your Next Mobile Device Trade-In Credit

Can Xiaomi hold its own in the Indian pre-owned market?

Q1 2019 Mobile Trade-In Data: Secondary Market Stays Strong

How Data Analytics Can Improve Your Mobile Trade-In Program

Don’t Let Mobile Device Trade-In Fraud Damage Your Business

Can Foldable Phones Save the Mobile Industry?

Will the pre-5G device hype be enough to boost mobile trade-ins in 2019?

Making the most of smartphones in 2019

2018 Year in Review: The Trade-In Market Continues to Mature

TechTalks: Inside Out Transformation

Mobile Device Trade-Ins: How telcos can differentiate in the crowded quad play market

Don’t Limit Your Mobile Device Trade-In Options

Employee Experience: The Pitfall of Your Device Policies

What really happens to a device after trade-in?

Q3 2018 Mobile Trade In Data: The iPhone Effect

To Trade or to Sell? What to Do with an Old Mobile Device

R2 Certification: The Importance of Sustainable Electronics Recycling

Why European mobile operators need to look across the pond

How to Deal with the Ever-Rising Cost of Smartphones

The Circular Economy: A New Look at an Old Concept

What’s the Next Move for the Cost-Conscious Apple Fan?

Q2 2018 Mobile Trade-In Data: Squeezing More Value Out of Devices

New Age of Mobile Device Insurance

3 Challenges of Mobile Insurance Adoption

How Mobile Device Grading Maximizes Value

Can the US and Chinese Smartphone Markets Relax Just Yet?

Dispelling Myths of the Secondary Smartphone Market

Apple’s Q2 Earnings: Were they given a helping hand from the Secondary Device Market?

Squeeze More Value Out of Your Smartwatch

Q1 2018 Mobile Trade-In Data: The Secondary Market Gains Momentum

Happy Earth Day: How the Mobile Device Market Impacts Sustainability

Employee Experiences Can Make or Break Enterprise Trade-Ins

Data Sanitization: Putting Your Business Security Concerns at Ease

Finding Value in Mobile Device Retirement

Businesses Can Benefit from Device Trade-Ins, Too

Promotions: February 2018

Mobile Recycling: Do You Know Where Your Phone is Going?

Pre-owned devices and rising prices: HYLA Mobile talks smartphones at MWC 2018

Promotions: January 2018

How to Get the Most from the Buy and Sell Side in the Refurbished Mobile Device Market

A Reflection on the Smartphone Trends of 2017

What’s in store for the smartphone market in 2018?

Promotions: December 2017

Education on device trade-ins: What we’ve learned from the iPhone 8

TechTalks: Machine Learning Algorithm in Product Catalog Mapping

Promotions: November 2017

Promotions: October 2017

Sustainable Practice in Telecoms: Developing a Model Where Everyone Wins

Q3 2017 Mobile Device Trade-in Data -- iPhones Continue to Hold Value

Combining Machine Learning with Cloud and Network Architecture

Using Amazon Web Services to Deploy Your Web Application

3 Reasons to Love Right to Repair - And What Will Make It Work

The Device That Changed Our Lives: 10 Years of the iPhone

HYLA CEO Spotlight: Getting to Know Biju Nair

The Big Reveal: How Will The New Apple iPhone Devices Impact the Secondary Market?

Celebrating 10 Years of iPhone Trade-ins

Broken iPhone? To Repair, Or Not to Repair: That Is the Question

How to Time Your iPhone Trade-in Right for iPhone's 10th Anniversary

Q2 2017 Mobile Device Trade-in Data—What’s Happening Ahead of iPhone 8?

From Drawers in the US, to Frontline Health Workers in Africa: Unlocking the Value in Used Smartphones

The Benefits of Recycling Mobile Devices

Transforming the Retail Market with Mobile Trade-in Technology

Transforming the Mobile Insurance Market with Mobile Buyback Solutions

How to Speed Up Your Mobile Trade-In without Sacrificing Quality

Creating a Sustainable Future with Proper Mobile Device Recycling

Mastering Enterprise Mobile Device Trade-ins

Transforming OEMs' Mobile Device Buyback with Mobile Technology

Q1 2017 Mobile Device Trade-in Data—Apple Continues to Ride High

How to Stop Mobile Device Trade-in Fraud Before It Hurts Your Business

iPhone 8 Is Coming-Is the Secondary Smartphone Market Prepared?

Happy Earth Day 2017! How the Electronics Industry Can Contribute to a Sustainable Environment

The Journey of a Used Smartphone

How to Boost Sales of Pre-Owned Mobile Phones with Data Analytics

Are Renewed Smartphones the Most Powerful IoT Devices?

Transforming Wireless Carriers’ Market with Mobile Trade-in Technology

Mobile Phone Buy Backs: 5 Tips for Assessing Condition Quickly

7 Surefire Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Mobile Buyback Solution

Refurbished Mobile Device Market: The New Smartphone Frontier

6 Ways to Build a Connected Future: CES 2017 and AT&T Developer Summit

Are You Overlooking Mobile Trade-Ins as a Source of New Sales?

Why Smartwatch Trade-in Programs Should Be on Your Radar

What Makes Mobile Accessories the "All Stars" of Trade-In Programs?

Transparency in Mobile Trade-in Transactions

What Did the Holidays Do for the Secondary Smartphone Market?

Competition on the Rise in Secondary Smartphone Market: iPhone v. Pixel

Before You Become an App Hoarder, Read This First

How Refurbished Mobile Phones Can Improve the Medical Industry

Staying Relevant in the Era of Smart Technology: GSMA Mobility Live!

Mobile Trade-In Year in Review—Apple Asserts Its Dominance in North America

Looking Back: The First GSMA Mobile 360 Event in India

Basic Cell Phones Still Rule in Developing Countries

6 KPIs to Analyze for a Successful Mobile Trade-in Program

Mobile Future Forward: Diving into Digital Transformation

Are We Back to Carrier Subsidy Models?

The Best iPhone 7 Trade-In Deals Are Done—Now What?

What Will Happen Now That Apple Has Discontinued iPhone 5s and 6?

CTIA: The Future of Mobile Trade-in

iPhone 7 Trade-In Offers from the Top 4 US Carriers

The 3 Pillars of Reverse Logistics Optimization

Incentivize Consumers to Keep Using Your Trade-in Program

The Benefits of Integrating Mobile Trade-in Programs at POS

Recycling Used Mobile Phones is a Valuable Proposition for Everyone

Transforming Transportation with Renewed Smartphones

It's Time to See the Value of Mobile Trade-in Programs

Don’t Go It Alone: Use a Mobile Trade-in Program

Three Things to Do Before Trading-in Your Phone

How to Optimize the Value of Your Mobile Device for Smartphone Trade-in

HYLA Mobile Wins 2016 Compass Intelligence Bamboo Mobile Award

Online or In-store? Mobile Device Trade-in Options for Your Old Phone

HYLA Mobile Joins Industry Innovators for 2016 CES

Truetap: Mobile Trade-ins Has Never Been Easier

New Smartphone Plans Creating Billions in Risk for Carriers

Mobile Device Trade-In Program Market: Where Do You Fit In?

Cellular Pricing Just Got More Complicated for Consumers and Risky for Carriers

Apple's Mobile Trade-in Program: A Game Changer for the Environment

Increasing Customer Satisfaction with In-Store Device Trade-In Programs

HYLA Mobile: Adapting to Change

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