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Squeeze More Value Out of Your Smartwatch

Posted by Jim Gibadlo on May 4, 2018 11:51:08 AM

About a year ago, the topic of wearables was becoming a hot topic and the sense of smartwatch trade-ins had to be on the radar as new devices were being released. The secondary market for watches hadn’t formed yet, but high price points and growing sales made it seem inevitable.

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Topics: Device Trade-in Solutions

What Makes Mobile Accessories the "All Stars" of Trade-In Programs?

Posted by Jim Gibadlo on Jan 29, 2017 7:26:08 AM

As far as consumer attention goes, the smartphone has become today’s television. Many of us are walking around with $700+ computers in our pockets, which have given rise to an evergrowing mobile trade-in market.

But as trade-in programs grow, there’s an opportunity growing alongside the importance of smartphones—the mobile accessories market. 

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Topics: Device Processing and Liquidation, Omni-Channel Device Collection

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