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TechTalks: Machine Learning Algorithm in Product Catalog Mapping

Posted by Ying Cheng on Dec 22, 2017 11:00:01 AM

HYLA TechTalk: We are continuing our ongoing series of blogs that will focus on the insights into the technology we develop and data we utilize across our analytics, trade-in, insurance and processing solutions utilized by carriers, OEMs, retailers and throughout HYLA.

HYLA manages millions of mobile devices through its reverse logistics lifecycle from collection, to grading, to maximum asset value recovery. For us to manage the process effectively and ensure that our customers get the maximum recovery value on their assets, we utilize data and information collected from our customers, vendors, various industry analysts, and mobile device buyers from over 50 different countries. HYLA collects close to 1M records of data related to mobile device pricing on a daily basis.

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