Businesses Can Benefit from Device Trade-Ins, Too

Posted by Marci Hetzel on Mar 14, 2018 9:00:00 AM

A young professional holding up a smartphone symbolizing that Business Can Benefit from Device Trade-InsFrom a consumer’s perspective, the process of buying a new phone often seems confusing. But in a world of smartphones and constant upgrades, there’s one piece of the process we’re all coming to understand—device trade-ins.

You know that when you’re ready to upgrade to the next iPhone, you hand your old device over in exchange for credit toward the new device.

However, the consumer-side understanding of device trade-ins hasn’t yet translated to the business side.

There’s a secret that we at HYLA want to let you in on—businesses of all sizes can take advantage of device trade-ins, too.


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The Value of Business Trade-Ins

Mobile devices in the workplace come with two key challenges. First, there’s the cost of buying new equipment or upgrading devices as a service offering. And second, there’s the security concerns that come with an increasingly mobile workforce.

Despite these known challenges, so many businesses have closets full of aging mobile devices that remain a security risk and do nothing to offset future costs. Even still, there was no motivation for a tech manager to go through the process of trading these devices in.

We work with our carrier partners to make the trade-in process as easy as possible.  All you need to do is ship your devices to us from any location, in pre-paid boxes we provide, to unlock credits that offset your next upgrade cycle and eliminate unnecessary security risks within your business.

This isn’t just a one-time, bulk offloading of old devices, though. The long-term goal should be to create a more cohesive flow in your device refresh cycles. Rather than holding onto older devices (either in storage or dealing with performance degradation in the field), you can set yourself on a 2 or 3-year refresh cycle that continuously feeds itself.

You maximize mobile device performance and employee productivity while minimizing the costs of hardware refreshes.

However, time and effort weren’t the only things keeping tech managers from trading in their closets full of old devices. We know data protection is an important (if not the most important) piece of the business trade-in puzzle.

The Missing Pieces that Make the Case for Trade-Ins

None of the money you get back for trade-ins matters if you can’t trust that sensitive company data is truly cleared from the devices.

While a factory reset might put a consumer’s mind at ease, it’s far from enough to guarantee the protection of your company’s data. That’s why we’ve focused so much on achieving National Industrial Security Program (NISP) certification.

The software we use to clear personal data and our process of securing/shredding SIM cards are guaranteed to sanitize devices to government standards. Tech managers can sleep easy knowing that they shipped old devices to our facilities in bulk without any risk to company data.

In the past, no one could have faulted you for thinking business trade-ins were more trouble than they were worth. Now, the process is as easy as packing devices into boxes, as secure as any government security standard, and far more cost efficient than throwing aging tech into closets.

And there’s one other motivator that hasn’t even been mentioned—recycling/reusing devices is environmentally friendly. You don’t want to let batteries, plastics, and metals just get thrown into a landfill. Let us take them off your hands, dispose of them correctly, and give you some CapEx relief in return.

It’s green for the environment and it’s green for your business’ bottom line.

If you’re ready to take advantage of a business trade-in program, we’d love to help. Get in touch with us today to find out how.

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