Don’t Go It Alone: Use a Mobile Trade-in Program

Posted by Scott Bruce on Mar 3, 2016 10:00:00 AM
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Yesterday, you bought a smartphone. Tomorrow, that “brand new” phone is no longer the latest and greatest model. 

You probably have a pile of obsolete phones quietly lying around somewhere in a drawer or a kitchen cupboard. It’s easy to forget about an old phone the moment a new one arrives.

Make use of your outdated electronic devices. They're valuable and there are several easy ways for you to sell them. It might seem like a headache to go through the selling process, but the truth is it's easier than you might think.

When it comes to selling your old phone, there are two common choices. You can go your own way and sell it on marketplaces such as Craigslist and eBay. Or you can trade-in your phone with a wireless carrier or retail store using trade-in solution programs.

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We advise to not go it alone. You’ll get more bang for your buck, find the process easier and feel more secure if you do business with an established trade-in program. Too many things can go wrong when you try to sell your device without professional help. That’s why it's helpful to understand the key benefits of trading in versus selling yourself.


No matter how you plan to sell your smartphone, getting the best price is usually a top priority. The money you get from selling your old phone will ultimately compensate for the price of the new one.

There are great incentives for mobile trade-in with a carrier. Carriers always have special promotions and good deals. For instance, they offer discounts on accessories, have best-price guarantees, and offer a wide array of storage plans and phone colors.

Keep in mind that promotions often last for only a limited period of time. Do your homework and think carefully about your timing. Each carrier has a different pricing plan, so it's important to know the model and condition of your phone in order to arrive at the most accurate estimated price.


When going it alone, you often have to go through a tedious process. You'll have to take mobile trade-inon other obligations, from listing the device, to paying for shipping, to dealing with buyers’ feedback. This might take days, even weeks, and without any guarantee of success.

On the other hand, working with a wireless carrier or store is quick and painless. You'll have less control over the sale, but, after all, time is money. The faster you can sell your phone, the quicker it hits the market and the more space you’ll have in your sock drawer.


When selling your device in a general marketplace like Craigslist you need to be wary of scammers who refuse to pay you what they promised. Unfortunately, open marketplaces don't offer full protection and data privacy for users. Likewise, it’s hard to judge a buyer's reputation.

When using a trade-in program such as HYLA Mobile’s Trade-in Solution, there's peace of mind that your data will be secure. We go through a meticulous and efficient process, using cutting-edge data-removal technology to ensure data privacy and security to all.

Everyone benefits from selling their old phones. Even if money isn't a motivator, remember that you're helping the environment by keeping your outdated electronic gadgets away from landfills. Moreover, HYLA Mobile distributes used mobile devices to the developing world. By selling your old phone, you're indirectly giving people access to digital products they couldn't otherwise afford.

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