Employee Experiences Can Make or Break Enterprise Trade-Ins

Posted by Marci Hetzel on Apr 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM

2 employees looking at a smartphone showing how employee experiences can make or break enterprise trade-insPart of the reason that trade-in programs are gaining momentum for carriers is that the process has become much easier over the years. What was once a low-value, high-friction trade-in experience has been streamlined thanks to new technology.

Now, as consumers, we expect omnichannel experiences when we’re ready to trade in our devices. Whether we want to start the process from a mobile app, on a carrier website, over the phone, or in a brick-and-mortar store, there’s no patience for trade-in frustrations.

These expectations roll over into the enterprise world, too. Even if you’ve embraced the idea of enterprise trade-ins, emptying cluttered closets full of retired devices is only the first step.

To see continuous value by integrating trade-ins into the device upgrade cycle, you need employees to buy into the process. And that won’t happen if the experience does nothing but frustrate your highly-distributed workforce. 

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Omnichannel Trade-Ins in the Enterprise Context

The concept of omnichannel experiences is most often associated with consumer retail. It’s the idea that consumers should be able to interact with a brand on multiple devices and through multiple touchpoints without disrupting the experience.

Carriers have taken up this idea to improve trade-in experiences, but many enterprises are a bit less mature when it comes to device trade-in programs. The CapEx relief that device trade-ins deliver shouldn’t be a one-time experience for enterprises. Take the concept of omnichannel trade-ins and apply it to your enterprise.

The reality is that tech managers can’t drive enterprise trade-in programs all on their own. When you’re working with such a distributed workforce and a large volume of devices, it’s just not efficient for tech managers to make all the collections.

In most enterprise trade-in programs, employees are instructed to take care of the process on their own. That means the value of your trade-in program depends on employees, making omnichannel experiences important in the enterprise context. But what exactly does omnichannel mean in terms of business support? Your trade-in experiences should:

  • Give employees the option to ship retired devices to processing facilities from the workplace
  • Allow employees to visit brick-and-mortar retail locations to close the loop
  • Integrate with mobility management solutions to streamline administrative functions
  • And have central mobile capabilities to evaluate device conditions

When you have all of these capabilities, you can be sure you’ve made the trade-in process as seamless as possible for employees. And when the experience is frictionless, you can get the buy-in necessary to see real value.

Put the Right System in Place for Enterprise Trade-Ins

Just like any other area of your business, the value of device trade-ins comes down to the infrastructure you put in place to support the program. If you don’t have the right tools and systems to make the trade-in process easy for employees, you’ll see those closets start piling up with retired devices again.

That’s why HYLA focuses on providing the end-to-end infrastructure to help streamline trade-ins for enterprises. From analytics to collection, processing, logistics, and recycling, we take the pain out of trade-ins—for managers and employees—so you can focus on your job.

If you’re ready to get more value from your retired devices, contact us today to learn more about how HYLA can build out your trade-in program.

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