How to Optimize the Value of Your Mobile Device for Smartphone Trade-in

Posted by Scott Bruce on Feb 18, 2016 10:00:00 AM
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Broken screen, scratched metal, sticky buttons. Phones in this condition have seen a better life, but it doesn’t mean they are worthless. Contrary to popular belief, phones in poor condition are still valuable trade-in commodities.

Of course, to get the most value during a smartphone trade-in to reduce the up-front cost of a new mobile device, it helps if your existing phone is like-new. The following tips will help you keep your phone in pristine shape.

With a few simple, proactive steps, you will be turning in your old smartphone with salespeople wondering if you even used the device at all.

1. Screen Protectors

The most vulnerable point of a smartphone is the glass screen. With one precarious drop or hit, the screen can crack, or worse, shatter. Besides taking your life into your hands when you try to swipe to answer a call, a cracked screen is the most obvious sign of damage and greatly decreases the value of a phone.

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It’s easy to protect the screen with a protector. These plastic or glass guards usually cost around $30-40, which is easier on a consumer’s wallet than a $200 screen-replacement is after an unfortunate accident. Thanks to advancements, screen protectors are just about invisible when placed against a screen, giving perfect clarity and ultimate protection.

2. Protective Cases

smartphone trade-inEven if your phone isn’t in a high-impact environment, it still suffers from the wear and tear of everyday life.

You can protect from scratches and internal issues by using a protective case. Cases come in a variety of protection levels depending on how rough you are on your phone. A case completely covers a phone, and absorbs the shock of any drops or intense collisions.

The screen protector included with these cases is also a feature that can save you from a shattered screen, water damage or impact to the internal computing system. These cases keep your phone looking and performing at its best.

3. OEM Accessories

Every consumer is budget-conscious, so it’s no surprise many people opt for off-brand accessories like power cords or power banks. While you might be saving money now, down the line you will suffer from a lower valued phone.

It is advisable to use the mobile device-compatible power cords issued by the original manufacturer. Using an aftermarket cord can actually damage the battery, affect its charging ability and decrease the valuable life of the mobile device.

OEM cords and other accessories are worth the investment now to increase the return later. 

4. Better Phone Care

Many carriers and OEMs have implemented upgrade programs in recent years. As customers on those plans reach the end of their installment agreements and return their mobile devices to upgrade, they will discover the benefits of phone care: screen protectors, strong cases and other proper accessories. Experiencing a full cycle of ownership and the process of switching to the newest phone encourages users to be cautious with their phones.

Not only will following these tips keep your phone working longer, thoughtful care will get you more value when it’s time to trade in. When carriers, OEMs and facilitators like HYLA Moblie evaluate a phone, they look at its physical condition and how well it functions. If it’s in good shape, you will get more money to spend on your next purchase. The longer you keep a mobile device in immaculate condition, the bigger the payoff.

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