HYLA Mobile Joins Industry Innovators for 2016 CES

Posted by Sanida Bratt on Dec 30, 2015 10:00:00 AM

CES 2016

HYLA Mobile is pleased to be joining more than 150,000 professionals at the tradeshow CES.

One of the largest tradeshows in the consumer electronics industry, CES will be in Las Vegas, January 6-9, 2016. The massive event takes place in 2.4 million square feet of Vegas hotels and features over 3,600 companies showcasing the newest trends and products in consumer electronics.

The show provides ample opportunities for industry leaders to share their insights, companies to connect and individuals to network. HYLA looks forward to taking part in the many events, keynote addresses, conference sessions, and awards ceremonies.

In its 49th year, CES has been the place where some of the most life-changing technology has been unveiled. VCRs, CD players, camcorders, DVDs, HD TVs, Microsoft Xbox, Blu-ray Discs, tablets, smart TVs and, most recently the Chevy Volt, all debuted at CES over the years. When these innovations were revealed, the buzz was loud, but valid. Seeing what the show will highlight is always a memorable part of the experience.

What to Expect At the Event

Experts are speculating what will be the “smartphone” announcement of 2016. Some are saying it could be FitBit’s big announcement or a $9,000 R2D2 remote-control fridge taking advantage of lingering Star Wars hype. Kia should reveal self-driving tests and many other companies will take the opportunity to speak boldly about what’s next in technology.

Some of the featured categories on the tradeshow floor include 3D printing, virtual reality, cyber and personal security, eCommerce, health and wellness technology, vehicle intelligence, wearables and many more. HYLA professionals enjoy discovering everything the show has to offer, but focus mainly on mobile devices and data analytics associated with mobile device pricing and sustainability trends. They glean everything they can from new startups, industry mainstays and prospective clients to inform their research and development of the latest technology.

Gaining original ideas from the show helps HYLA improve the trade-in process for every customer from carriers to retailers. Direct contact with original equipment manufacturers gives HYLA savvy hints for evolving its products and services to deliver the best solutions available.

In a venue where household brands like Sony, Samsung and LG are showing off the soon-to-be must-haves in technology, HYLA is poised to come out armed with new ideas ready to innovate.

HYLA Mobile is also sponsoring the Compass Intelligence Awards at this year's CES and CEO, Biju Nair, will be speaking at the awards lunch on January 7, 2016.

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