Essential Tips for Identifying Smartphone Damage

Posted by Scott Bruce on May 18, 2020 10:05:00 AM
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The unresponsive touchscreen, a flash of light and then the black screen: all things a mobile phone owner has experienced at the death of a device.

Those little signs of a phone losing life fill any technology addict with utter despair as they swing between “I hope it just run out of battery” to the realization they might have to replace it.

Regardless of an owner’s emotions at the passing of a phone, it’s important to recognize signs that a device is beyond repair and is better off traded-in and replaced with the newest model on the market.

Common Causes When Identifying Smartphone Damage

1. Has your smartphone encountered water?

One of the most common causes of phone demise is water damage. Whether an owner dropped it in the toilet or spilled a cup of coffee, liquid can severely destroy a phone. H2O is has been identified as the leading cause of phone destruction, with 43% of iPhone accidents involving water. Soda (19%), beer (12%) and coffee or tea (12%) are the next most common spilled liquid. 

It might be worth trying the well-known rice trick, where you submerge your water-damaged phone in rice to absorb the liquid. But chances are the smartphone damage is irreparable. 

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You can also consult a professional to repair the damaged phone, but it might be time to let it go. Unless you have precious data you didn’t back up, it might not be worth the hassle of fixing the phone. Apple now accepts water-damaged devices for trade-in, although at a lower value, but some money back is better than none.

2. Have there been fits of passion or household accidents

Human error has been known to ruin many items. Cell phones are no different. The common sites of cell phone destruction include the house, with 51% of iPhone accidents happening in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, driveway and bedroom.

Many people also make the big mistake of letting their emotions get the better of them and their cell phones. So cell phone destruction also happens in front of a TV or on the field, with the device a sudden victim of a fit of passion during a sporting event that’s not going well.

smartphone water damage

Accepting defeat due to anger or accident is just the first step in acknowledging the status of your phone’s functionality. The next step is identifying smartphone damage and assessing it. If a phone has been shattered and you find it across the room in two pieces, it’s time to send the device to the recycling center. However, if the phone seems to be redeemable, it’s worth investing in repair.

Repair is often cheaper than one would think and can restore a phone to last a little longer. If you are waiting out a period until you are eligible for an upgrade or just want to save photos or data that hasn’t been backed up, repair is a good option.

Knowing When to Say Goodbye

If your touchscreen is unresponsive or lags in response, the phone randomly shuts off and on, the battery lasts less than a few hours or there are other physical or operating issues – then it’s time for a trade-in. After you’ve accepted your phone’s fate, you can start to look for a new device. HYLA Mobile has an automated trade-in process that helps users assess the value of their current phone, get the best price for it, and choose a new one.

Sometimes letting go of a phone that’s been close by your side can be hard. Humans tend to have an emotional attachment to objects, but using a phone beyond its useful life is detrimental to its value and the eventual trade-in. Knowing when your phone has reached its peak and will no longer serve you in the ways originally intended can lead to better life cycles and trade-in processes for all phone owners.

While you might not be able to prevent phone damage 100%, there are preventative measures you can take to lessen the damage.  Download this white paper to learn the benefits of mobile phone insurance for both the consumer and the carrier.

Mobile Phone Insurance

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