7 Surefire Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Mobile Buyback Solution

Posted by Dave Ronis on Mar 2, 2017 9:44:54 AM

mobile buyback solutionsCapturing a consumer’s attention is never easy. What's even harder—is to convince them to try something they haven’t even thought about.

That’s the battle retailers and carriers face as they try to convince consumers of the value of trading in used mobile devices.

A majority of consumers in the U.S., Australia and other countries, have been slow to embrace mobile buyback solutions and trade-in programs, and these devices end up forgotten in drawers or at the bottom of landfills, all over the world.

If you’re a retailer with an efficient mobile buyback solution, the wait for the next mobile trade-in can be frustrating. But all is not lost. Increasing the awareness of your mobile buyback solution and trade-in programs, requires a series of carefully coordinated advertising and marketing campaigns. 

Entice Your Consumers to Trade-in Their Mobile Phones

  1. In-Store Promotions

    Make sure your staff is promoting the trade-in program as one of the top priorities and points of their conversational routines.

    First, ensure they’re well-versed on how the program works—you’d hate to have them encourage mobile trade-in but then fail to accurately answer a customer’s question.

    With the proper knowledge, salespeople can weave the benefits of trade-in into almost any sales pitch or transaction and start converting customers.

  2. Signs and Screens

    Well-placed promotional signs should tout the mobile trade-in program. As statistics show, consumers tend to look past mobile trade-in as an immediate option—which may stem from a lack of knowledg eor awareness.

    To catch their attention, implement in-store signs that cleverly promote the program. Since video captivates, integrate trade-in program benefits with your promotional instore tv ads, if you already have those set up.

  3. Website Presence

    Tweet: Why should you make your mobile trade-in promotions a priority on your website? https://ctt.ec/XKU86+Why should you make your mobile trade-in promotions a priority on your website? Since your website is now most likely the place where consumers go most frequently and you have full control of the message there, prominently placing your latest trade-in promotion on the home page will increase the awareness of your promotion.

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  4. Remind Customers About Mobile Buyback Solutions

    With the purchase of a new phone on your website, remind customers that trade-in is an option. Throughout the transaction, include questions and statements about the value of the phone they’re about to put aside.

  5. Change Their Minds

    Carriers know what devices customers own. So when those customers don’t trade-in the old device when buying a new one, send them a message thanking them for the purchase and also giving them a window of time to return to trade in the device. Sweetening the pot could also work If they trade-in a device by a certain date or offer a higher value than normal.

  6. Mandatory Component of Promotions

    Using the word “mandatory" is the kind of assertive language that could scare consumers.

    Instead, as part of any big promotion, introduce the idea that they can take advantage of a great deal by trading in their old devices. Compulsory trade-in programs that bundle trade-ins with upgrades and switchers, will ensure that you will have devices for the secondary market and for your own internal consumption needs, while keeping consumers happy by getting a deal and upgrading their devices.

    tips for mobie trade-in programs

  7. Text Them

    If done right and not too frequently, texting a customer about a trade-in promotion can effectively capture their attention. But make sure the message is smart and directly focuses on the model of phone they currently own.

    This is where integrating HYLA’s diagnostic software into your business’ mobile app can make that text look targeted to each individual customer. HYLA’s comprehensive pricing system ensures you’re giving consumers the best possible offer on a used device. Otherwise, sending a text with a blind offer could prompt a customer to block your number.

    Bonus Tip! Blog About It

     Lastly, just as we’re doing here, write educational and appealing blog posts about the value of trade-in and your particular program. But don’t just focus on numbers. Also tout the benefits of electronic recycling: It keeps devices out of landfills, which benefits the environment, and, not to mention, programs such as HYLA’s puts used devices into the hands of people in developing nations that they otherwise couldn’t afford.

For more tips on how to boost your customer's mobile trade-in experience, download our white paper.  
Mobile Trade-in Experience


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