Are Renewed Smartphones the Most Powerful IoT Devices?

Posted by Sanida Bratt on Apr 4, 2017 2:49:38 AM

renewed smartphonesThe Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem of devices, both new and refurbished, has enabled communities, business and consumers to digitally integrate all aspects of their life and work functions.

As industries design and build products to fit inside this digital ecosystem, smartphones, with their near-limitless computing power that is available on-demand, will remain vital to lowering costs, supporting sustainability and putting technology in more hands faster and in a more economical manner.

The chart below, from World Bank, indicates the remarkable growth of mobile technology in connecting the next billion people. Mobile technology is growing at a rapid pace, and the greatest benefit is its ability to accelerate other areas of development, such as education, trade and economy.

In 2015, Strategy Analytics estimated 164 million smartphones would be sold in the United States, an 11% increase from 2014. While smartphone sales continue to increase, the use of renewed cellphones is also growing.

In 2016, Gartner forecasted that the global market for renewed mobile phones—traded in by a carrier and overhauled before being resold, would reach 97 million.

digital transformation in developing countriesAnnette Zimmermann, a research director at Gartner, said that instead of the 13–15 million refurbished iPhones coming to the market in 2016, that number could now be 20–30 million refurbished iPhones.

That’s still a small number given Apple sold more than 2 billion new iPhones since the release of the 6S model.

Today, there are more than 1 billion iOS devices in use with nearly 600 million unique users. And this is Apple devices alone. Connected technology has the power to enhance individual lives, but also has a blanket effect on many industries trying to improve or complement daily life.

Below we will look at the ways mobilization and refurbished smartphones are integral part of The Second Smartphone Revolution and an important aspect of transforming certain industries and changing lives.

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Here are 3 noble causes that technology is shaping and the role of refurbished devices in this context.

1. Individualized and Accessible Medicine

One particular industry takes mobilization and low costs very seriously. Medical professionals are always searching for new innovations that can help people access medical and health information in any location.

Cardiologist Eric Topol, author of “The Patient Will See You Now,” recently unveiled a photo of the first smartphone ultrasound/anatomical head-to-toe physical exam.

The tool will allow a doctor to examine a patient in any setting and diagnose quickly without the need for expensive procedures or a trip to what could be a faraway hospital.

Streamlining medical treatment and its financial ramifications is revolutionary in a field where costs and innovation are often at odds. Topol believes the future of medicine is going to be in every patient’s hand with the growth and control of big data.

ConnectedTech and Refurbished Smartphones

Los Angeles-based startup mPulse Mobile also wants to put the power of healthcare into patients’ hands with an easy and improved communication system.

The company helps healthcare providers create and implement apps to connect with patients. The app can then remind a patient to take medication, provide details about overall health and allow them to schedule an appointment. At the time of that appointment, the patient will receive reminder notifications and will recieve door-to-door directions.

These capabilities ensure patients are getting necessary care and healthcare companies are doing their jobs. Renewed smartphones, already popular in less developed countries and with lower-income individuals, could help remove barriers to healthcare resources access, lower healthcare costs and be a part of the mobile medical technology revolution.

2. Mobile Payments

Renewed smartphones show up in the most unlikely places. Farmers in Myanmar and other developing countries love using these devices for all the reasons most people do — social interaction, news, connection. But they also depend on them to make their lives and businesses easier to manage, including enable mobile banking.

The ability to access your bank account via a mobile device eliminates the expensive infrastructure of brick-and-mortar banks and puts the power of inexpensive money management in the hands of the poorest citizens. The intimacy and ease of mobile banking and communication allows farmers, one of the largest groups benefiting from such technology, to share their voices.

Building a digital infrastructure from renewed smartphones helps farmers and the agriculture industry, in developing countries, control their own finances, produce and sell more product, and improve their lives altogether">

IoT will become a common and dependable entity in the modern world. As the pieces of it grow, refurbished mobile phones will become essential devices when it comes to improving multiple industries and our own personal lives. 

3. Home Security Systems

renewed smartphones Internet of Things (IoT) will most notably penetrate homes and determine how every household device connects to each other.

One piece of this is the home security system. Many home security companies already allow homeowners to view their properties on a smartphone from a remote location.

Other companies have developed unique smartphone apps to act as mobile alarm systems—that can be accessed anywhere.

Mobile home securtiy app Salient Eye uses renewed Android phone cameras as a security system that sounds an alarm in case of an intrusion. Instead of investing in an expensive camera system, refurbishing an old phone is a safe and practical solution.

How Renewed Smartphones are Changing the World

IoT will become a common and dependable entity in the modern world. As the pieces of it grow, refurbished mobile phones will become essential devices when it comes to improving multiple industries and our own personal lives.

How has IoT affected your life? Do you see renewed phones as the future of this powerful technology? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, check out Part 2 of this series, which examines how refurbished smartphones are changing the transportation industry.

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