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Posted by Scott Bruce on Mar 26, 2021 1:00:00 PM
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A primary benefit of trade-in is to drive customer loyalty, attract new customers, and increase sales of new devices. A convenience many do not realize during these times is that trade-in doesn’t have to be in-store, especially if it is the least desirable option. Many consumers still don’t know that it’s possible to buy a new phone, get the trade-in promotion, and then send in their old phone themselves after the new one arrives.

The Mail-In Option Is Necessary

Looking at 2021, the global economy is rebuilding though the COVID-19 virus is still far from gone. As such, a mail-in option remains vital for both smartphone sellers and consumers. The smartphone industry should be focused on encouraging consumers to purchase brand-new flagship phones with mail-in trade-in.

For consumers, a mail-in option is best because many are still leery of shopping in person. In 2020 there was a digital shopping surge that accelerated eCommerce adoption and spurred substantial changes in customer behavior. During the height of the last holiday season, brick-and-mortar stores saw up to 25% less foot traffic when compared to a normal year.

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Personalize a Socially Distant Experience

The pre-pandemic shopping experience is something we may not see again for a while. Smartphone sellers have had to pivot their efforts and think outside the box to design a socially distant shopping experience that still feels personalized. Increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction is more important than ever. Carriers, retailers, and OEMs must accommodate consumer needs as they continue to change.

New amenities such as curbside service are playing a pivotal role in consumer satisfaction and convenience. Carriers, retailers, and OEMs can eliminate coming in contact with the customer’s device by switching to a mail-in model. Customers can order their new phone online or purchase in the store, but instead of the salesperson processing the trade-in themselves (helping the customer wipe their phone, identifying its make and model, assessing its condition, etc.), customers can do that independently and have a mail-in kit sent directly to them. For the smartphone seller, this saves both time and money, and keeps their employees safer.

Here at HYLA Mobile, an Assurant company, we specialize in helping carriers, retailers, and OEMs get the maximum ROI on their trade-in programs by creating an omnichannel approach. By assisting sellers in adapting their methods for trade-in to meet the needs of their customers, we can make life easier for everyone—consumers and sellers alike. For more information on how to set up trade-in programs and mail-in options with us, contact HYLA today!

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