Truetap: Mobile Trade-ins Has Never Been Easier

Posted by Sanida Bratt on Oct 27, 2015 5:32:00 PM

Truetap LogoConsumers have never had as many big decisions to make about mobile phones as they do now.

Most carriers have abondoned the traditional contract option that had long allowed consumers to pay a one-time subsidized cost for a smartphone. Instead, they're now offering contract-free plans that each contain a slew of options that aren't always easy to follow.

The carriers say they’re providing a smorgasbord of options because their customers deserve to have choices, not to mention the ability to break free of contracts that were, as the CFO of a major carrier said in a New York Times interview, “one-way, unfair, non-transparent.”

But as the New York Times article observes, and as we wrote about last month, more options don’t necessarily mean less complications. Mobile services and smartphone pricing has actually got a lot more complicated.  And perhaps, “selecting a cellphone plan is the most complicated financial transaction that a consumer will ever make,” as per Toni Toikka of research firm Alekstra.

The carriers are fighting for the same wallets, so they hope the new pricing models – and the opportunity for consumers to upgrade to a new smartphone as soon it’s available – will increase customer loyalty. But all these different pricing models carry a long list of complexities: varying payment periods, upgrade periods, insurance requirements, residual values, and many other things to consider. Needless to say, consumers will need to do their homework before purchasing a new smartphone.

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One thing is for sure, though, in this changing landscape: Consumers will almost always put aside their old smartphones. There’s no need to carry around an iPhone 5s when you can have an iPhone 6, right? Many people still put their old smartphone in sock drawers or pass them down to relatives and friends. But increasingly, many are trading in their old smartphone when they buy new ones. In fact, many programs require consumers to turn in their old smartphones when they upgrade.

The Value of Truetap 

Unlike the purchase of a new smartphone, trading-in your current smartphone for cash, credits or the newest smartphone doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re proud to say that we here at HYLA have made the smartphone trade-in process much easier with our new mobile app truetap.

Now, truetap doesn’t buy or sell your phone; that’s still up to you. Truetap’s value is in determining the condition of your current smartphone and providing you with the options to avail its true value. If you’ve ever researched the marketplace to find your current smartphone value, you know just how intensive the process is – but our app does all the legwork for you.

With truetap, you no longer have to hop around the websites of the many carriers, retailers, vendors and partners in the wireless industry to find the best quote for your smartphone. The app runs a quick diagnostic on your smartphone, and then matches the condition of the smartphone with an accurate price offer from the marketplace.


You don't have to remember the exact model, memory capacity, or carrier of your old phone(s), truetap does it automatically for you to find the maximum trade-in value for your device. So no more guessing if your phone had 16 GB or 32 GB or some other GBs of memory. Of course, those extra GBs can get you some additional bucks from trade-in offers.

Even if your smartphone has some physical damage or functions that don’t work, truetap identifies what works and what doesn’t to determine the sale value. If the smartphone is damaged, it’s still possible to sell it, but the value will depend on what the app finds, along with vendors’ pricing thresholds for damages. The beauty of truetap is the diagnostic may reveal a value higher than what you thought your smartphone was worth.

After truetap lists offers for your smartphone, you can choose the best one and either travel to the physical store or visit the website of your selected vendor. In case you don’t immediately sell your smartphone, you only need to refresh the listings at the later time and see the up to date prices that your smartphone may fetch.

Mobile Trade-ins Just Got Easier

So just like that: truetap makes trading in your smartphone a lot easier than it used to be. Considering that the new smartphone market has just gotten more complicated with the many new upgrade and leasing plans, it will certainly help to have the information you need about the value of your current smartphone at your fingertips in no time. It may be the last thing you do on your current smartphone before you get the best possible value to help purchase a new one.

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